How to Troubleshoot Your Pool Water

The below table displays a list of common pool water symptoms along with the likely causes and potential solutions. Use this chart as a reference when troubleshooting your pool water.

Symptom Cause Solution
Green, cloudy, smelly pool water, and/or staining of pool walls Algae
  • Avoid adding more chemicals and prevent algae growth by using a natural pool ozonator to free up the existing chlorine to kill algae.
  • If algae growth occurs, shock pool water with chlorine or algaecide.
Water-Borne Illness

Chlorine-resistant bacteria and/or viruses


  • Do NOT add more chemicals. A pool ozone generator is your best protection against chlorine-resistant viruses and bacteria. Plus, many illnesses are caused by chlorine/bromine so adding chemicals will add to the problem.
Cloudy pool water Any number of causes, including:
  • Poor water circulation
  • Algae growth
  • High pH levels
  • High calcium levels
  • Too much “un-filterable” waste (cosmetics, oils, etc.)
  • The list goes on…
  • Use a pool ozone generator to oxidize and sanitize water without over-use of chemicals.
  • Clean pool frequently.
  • Allow your pool ozone generator to do its job, before adding more chemicals.
  • Check and balance chemicals, as appropriate.
Burning eyes/nose, or irritated skin
  • Over use of chlorine and/or swimmer sensitivity to chlorine
  • pH unbalanced, alkalinity too low, or calcium hardness too high
  • With a pool ozonator, you can reduce the need for chlorine by as much as 80%, thus reducing exposure to irritating chlorine.
  • Check pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness.  Adjust as necessary.
Chlorine smell Smell is caused by chloramines, caused by insufficient levels of free available chlorine, caused by NOT ENOUGH chlorine!
  • A pool ozone generator is your best defense against chloramines since it naturally completes the water disinfection process, leaving plenty of free available chlorines and reducing or eliminating any chloramines in the water.
  • If you do not have an ozonator, you will need to check your levels of free available chlorine and adjust as necessary.
Pool staining Potential causes include:
  • Low pH
  • Low total alkalinity
  • Low calcium hardness
  • High total dissolved solids
  • High levels of metals
  • Lack of ozone
  • Supplement pool water sanitizers with ozone to maintain clear pool water that leaves behind no stains.
  • Test and correct chemical balances.

Pool Ozone Generators are Your Secret Weapon

Pool ozone generators play an important role in maintaining crystal clear, sanitized pool water. Many of the problems you have with your pool water can be fixed or helped with a pool ozone generator. It's extremely important to identify the root cause of your water problem and learn how to maintain your pool thereafter. 


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