Protecting Life in Zoos and Aquariums

In 2003, DEL pioneered an innovative technique for ozone integration into commercial aquatic life support facilities. Now the industry standard, our systems are designed for vacuum operation utilizing on-board oxygen concentrators and PLC Controllers, optimizing the complete ozone management system.

DEL supports a global community of aquatic facilities. Broadly accepted by Life Support Designers, Facility Operators and Animal Husbandry professionals, ozone is the most natural way to provide aquatic inhabitants with safe water that emulates their natural habitat. Ozone sanitizes and clarifies the water while removing environmental byproducts, organic waste and harmful microorganisms. Our turnkey ozone management systems are UL and NSF/ANSI tested and listed, and include the ozone generators (including oxygen prep and compressors), injector assemblies, reaction tanks, degas valves, ozone destruct systems, ORP Monitor-Controller and ambient ozone monitors. In addition, DEL provides system design consultation, start-up and commissioning, as well as ongoing service contracts during and after our two-year warranty period.

Along with freeing the water of potentially harmful impurities, ozone creates a pristine, natural environment that will be appreciated by the marine life that makes the water their home as well as the humans that come for a visit.

DEL Reliability Minimizes Maintenance

DEL systems are designed for effectiveness and durability. A properly sized and installed DEL system will provide reliable sanitization or secondary disinfection for years. Compared to UV, in particular, ozone is maintenance free, and the typical reductions in chemical demand simplify routine measurement, dosing and testing of water (and produces healthier, fresher water). Since ozone is generated as needed on site, there is no need for storage, inventory or logistics management.


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