Ozone vs Ionizers

Some people are choosing ionizers for pool sanitization to avoid the issues with chlorine. They have some good reasons to do this, but ionization has their own set of inherent problems. 
Problems with Ions
Ionizers have a lot of attractive qualities, but some important drawbacks as well.
• Over time, ions can stain pool linings and walls. These stains are the product of basic chemical reactions, and are not easily avoided or remedied.
• Ion systems can kill bacteria and algae, but they are NOT oxidizers like ozone. They do not kill the wide range of microbial organisms or neutralize the variety of organic and inorganic materials that ozone does.
The better choice, if you want to go with ionization, is to use ozone as the primary disinfectant/sanitizer, and then use the ionizer for residual needs.
Other Options
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