Comparing Water Sanitizer Options

Water Droplet Ozone

Ozone has been used to sanitize water for over a century. It is a safe, simple, and naturally effective way to maintain clean, clear, and sanitary water without the odors and residues of chlorine and other chemicals. Over DEL's 40+ year history, we have been proudly recognized as the industry leader in developing ozone technology for residential and commercial applications. DEL’s systems combine sanitizing power with operational dependability to deliver the healthy, clear water pool and spa owners expect.
DEL also pioneered the first small, residential Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) system, and continues to produce more based on the growing demand of this product line. UV units are also built by DEL to satisfy consumers interested in utilizing UV as their sanitizer of choice. All DEL products undergo significant engineering time, quality control checks, and third-party validation as displayed through our DELCHECK® program.
At DEL, we strive to provide the industry and our customers with educational information so you may make the best choice for your particular sanitizing need. Please reivew available options below, and contact us with any additional questions.


Sanitizer Options


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