Replacing Your Spa Ozonator Saves Money

Most spas come with ozone. Every three years they need replacing. “Do I NEED to replace my spa ozonator?” is the first question hot tub owners ask. The answer is YES!
There are three main reasons why replacing your spa ozonator today will save you money in the long run:
1. When your ozonator dies, so does the ease of balancing chemicals. Ozone is a natural pH balancer. Replacing your ozonator is the best way to keep your pH in check, saving you money in chemicals!
2. Spas are typically outfitted with ozonators. Without it, spas use 3-5 PPM Chlorine or Bromine and a lot more Shock, Scale Control, Enzymes, pH Increaser, pH Decreaser and Metal Control. With ozone, chemical use often goes down 90%, saving you an easy $100-$240 a year.
3. When you have balanced spa water with fewer chemicals, other costly components last longer. These components include Spa Covers, Spa Heaters, Spa Pillows, and Spa Pumps, to name a few. Replacing spa ozone will save you a LOT of money in repairs, extending the life of the spa by years.
So, the next time your Spa Technician or Sales Professional asks you, “Have You Replaced Your Ozonator Lately?” be prepared to give them the right answer. If it's about time for a replacement, review our full line of spa products to determine which one is right for you. 

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