Ozone Technology Ensures Effective Sanitization

Ozone Technology


Ozone is the most powerful, natural synthesized sanitizer on earth. Through the use of increasingly sophisticated technology, ozone has been successfully integrated into commercial and residential applications for over a century. The history of ozone is well documented, and is a proven, safe, and effective way to disinfect water and ensure public safety.


DEL Innovation Creates Advanced Sanitizer Systems

Ozone is produced and delivered through DEL’s world-class engineering and technology. DEL systems are engineered and tested in real operating environments to create the exact amount of ozone needed for a different types of applications - from a hot tub in someone's backyard to a large-scale commercial waterpark, such as the Atlantis resorts in the Bahamas and Dubai.


Modern Technology

DEL utilizes the proven and preferred Corona Discharge technology to generate ozone. Depending on the unit and it's intended application, we utilize a specific amount of ozone cells in the reaction chambers to enable ozone to be created. Our ozone generators are also coupled with integrated oxygen concentrators and complete ozone management systems, which provide high concentrations of activated oxygen for demanding applications.


DEL Safety and Operations Standards

Named in multiple ozone patents, DEL developed the first UL listed ozone systems for pools and spas and the first NSF listed ozone systems for commercial pools under NSF Standard 50. Today, DEL sanitizer research is continuing to create the most cost effective ozone - as well as ultraviolet and advanced oxidation - systems available in the market.


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