Three-Point Ozone Inspection Keeps Spas Lasting Longer

Every 18 months is a great time to perform a Three-Point Ozone Inspection, which includes ensuring:

1. Spa Ozone Generator Green Indicator Light is ON! This tells you the spa ozonator is generating ozone. This does NOT tell you ozone is getting into the water.

2. Spa Ozone Check Valve is OPERABLE. Spa ozone check valves are doomed to fail, but their job is to protect your spa ozonator from water back up (which happens regularly) so replacing them annually is as important as changing the oil in your car or getting a dental check-up. Also, check valve must be installed with arrow pointing AWAY from the ozone generator. If installed backward, the ozone generator will fail. When check valves fail, or are installed backward, there are no ozone bubbles. So, watch out for bubbles as an indicator that your check valve is operable.

3. Spa Ozone Injector is FUNCTIONING. Occasionally, an ozone injector gets clogged with debris, calcium, iron, etc. When they clog, the fine streams of bubbles you are accustomed to seeing disappear. Keeping your injector clean is easy. Ask us for help if you don’t see bubbles!

So, as you can see, maintaining your spa ozone generator is pretty easy and saves you money in the long run because spas with a working ozone generator degrade a lot slower than spas running on chemicals alone.


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