About Sunset Green Home

Sunset Green Home is a sustainable, energy-efficient new home construction project hoping to achieve the goal of LEED Platinum certification, which is the benchmark for design, construction, and operation of green buildings. It all started when the owners' home had been made uninhabitable by Hurricane Sandy and tells the story of the rebirth of this home through environmentally friendly strategies. Looking to be the first custom home building project in town to take advantage of the new tax incentives for green projects, they hope to be an inspiration to the neighborhood.

DEL Sanitizing

Only using green and energy-efficient products to fulfill their LEED certification, DEL provided a critical service by offering an affordable, safe, and sustainable solution for the home’s pool. Sunset Green Home wanted a minimal chlorine solution that marries ozone and germicidal UV-C technology with salt water chlorine generation, so DEL's Ozone + UV sanitizing system in concert with DEL’s Mixing Degas Vessel was the perfect solution. Through the Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), the AOP 50 (previously known as the Solar Eclipse) provides superior sanitizing and technological advancement that you can only expect from DEL.


Sunset Green Home

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