KeyLime Cove Uses DEL Sanitizing Systems

KeyLime CoveKeyLime Cove Indoor Waterpark Resort is a magical tropical getaway to kids and families in northern Illinois.  Guests relish splashing, sliding and floating in the crystal clear water attractions that are part of this Florida Keys-inspired resort environment.  In this situation, with a high bather load including many children, KeyLime Cove cannot take any chances with the disinfection program for the pools, rides and spas on the property.

And that’s why KeyLime Cove turned to DEL for a safe and effective secondary disinfection system. KLC says “they pay close attention to detail to ensure that every moment…is a perfect one for our guests” and that includes installing the most effective aquatics disinfection system possible.

About KeyLime Cove

KeyLime Cove offers a complete tropical resort experience, including lodging, dining, shopping, spas … and water, water everywhere.  Guests can have fun in all kinds of ways, from using spacious rooms for special events to a variety of dining experiences to tropical shopping opportunities, all right next door to the comfortable hotel.  But the major attraction is the waterpark.

The Lost Paradise Waterpark covers 65,000 square feet and offers guests a balmy 82 degrees year around, a major treat in Chicagoland.  You can jump into the Wild Rides, just take a lazy float down a river, or for the little ones, splash in the Play Pond complete with miniaturized slides. In the background but very attentive, a staff of certified lifeguards is alert to ensure the safety of everyone in the waterpark.

DEL Secondary Disinfection

Also continuously at work protecting guests is the secondary disinfection system designed and installed by DEL to keep KeyLime Cove water as safe and pleasant as possible.  This system meets the sanitizer recommendations of the Center for Disease Control’s Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC), ensuring that the water park is meeting the highest standards for public health and safety.


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