The Beijing Aquarium is a World Class Aquatics Facility

Beijing Aquarium

The Beijing Aquarium, first opened in 1999, gained worldwide attention in 2008 during the Beijing Olympics. It is the largest inland aquarium in the world, with the structures covering 42,000 square meters (almost 452,000 square feet), hosting 7 different ecological niches in separate exhibition halls.  The aquarium offers, the “Rainforest Adventure”, Tidal Encounter, Wonders of Coral Reefs, Shark Wharf, Rare Chinese Sturgeon Hall, Whales and Globefish Gulf, and Marine Mammal Pavilion.


DEL Supplies the Clean Water

The Beijing Aquarium is a chosen attraction in China’s presentation to the world, so it was designed to meet world-class standards.  In its mas

sive tanks, as much as 18,000 tons of salt water circulate to sustain the thousands of species, including over 1,000 species bred at the facility.

To help keep the water healthy enough to support this life, the designers specified DEL Aquatics sanitizing systems.  A total of 10 ozone generators ranging from 25 grams/hour to 500 grams/hour capacity were installed in a custom-designed system to sanitize both fish and marine mammal exhibits. DEL engineering invented and applied innovative ozone flow-splitting techniques that could direct ozone flows to different tanks as needed, although the method has now become the best practice in the industry.

During this complex installation, DEL engineers made 6 trips to Beijing to measure, design, install and test the complete aquatics sanitizing system.  The commissioning process took several more trips, but on completion the aquarium was an immediate success, as proved by the thriving life in the tanks.


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