Atlantis Resorts Offer Guests Sparkling Ozone-Clean Water

The upscale Atlantis Resorts cannot compromise water quality and safety for their guests. To ensure the best experience possible, Atlantis engaged DEL to provide large-scale ozone sanitizer systems for both the Bahamas and Dubai resorts.

About Atlantis Resorts

Atlantis The Palm Dubai, with DEL Ozone Aquatics sanitation solutionsAtlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas.  The Atlantis Bahamas is a spacious “full service” resort that offers guests enough exciting things to do to keep everyone engaged full time – unless they want to just relax.  Guests have the option to take a meal plan, or not.  Included in the room rate is full access to most of the Atlantis water park rides, pools, and marine habitat exhibits.

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai.  This 5-star resort is exotic and pampering, located in the United Arab Emirates on the Gulf of Hormuz. Like the Atlantis Bahamas, the Dubai resort is very family-friendly, including water rides, pools and themes throughout the property that are all included in the room rates.


DEL Sanitizer Systems for the Atlantis

The Atlantis Resorts installations utilize more than 18,000 grams/hour of ozone with multiple ozone systems. To put this into perspective, a typical single ozone generator for a commercial on-premise laundry might produce just 7 grams/hour. The size and complexity of the installation reflects the extensive demands of the various pools, treatments, spas and sprays that are part of the complexes.

Technically, the installation consists of a combination of large Quantum systems together with a number of smaller ozone generators.  These sanitizing machines were integrated with all the required ozone management equipment to complete the systems, and were installed and commissioned on site by authorized DEL technicians.


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