The 92nd Street Y Embraces Ozone for Healthy Pool Water 

92nd St & YThe 92nd Street Y May Center in New York City provides a total community experience for its members, with activities ranging from learning a language to career development.  Sandwiched into this energetic mix is a complete health and fitness program crowned with the 25-yard indoor pool that is open for lessons, competitions, and open swimming sessions.

92Y has one of the most heavily used swimming pools in NYC, with about 1,000 swimmers per day. The user group includes people of all ages, with concentrations of elderly and youth groups. In addition, 92Y provides whirlpools on a similar public basis (for members), also with heavy use.

The pool’s management was visionary.  It installed ozone in 1997, long before the Centers for Disease Control recognized ozone as a recommended secondary disinfection technology for public pools.  In 2007, 92Y upgraded its system to a higher standard, ensuring it will continue to capture the benefits of ozone – cleaner, healthier water with fewer chemicals for a better bather experience.

DEL Systems at the Y

92nd Street Y selected DEL to install its first ozone sanitizing system after rigorous research on the alternatives. At its most recent upgrade, a commercial ozone sanitizing system was installed generating 45 grams/hour for the main pool and 15 grams/hour for each whirlpool.  In addition, each system includes appropriate ozone injection, monitoring and control equipment, producing a secondary disinfection system that is Model Aquatic Health Code compliant. The entire system was designed and installed to complement existing pool equipment and minimize management time and cost.

The payoff to 92Y has been in happy members, reduced chemical use, and low maintenance requirements.  The members realize how good their pool water is when they are travelling and are forced to use traditionally maintained pools.  The proof is in the water.


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