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DEL is the leading manufacturer of ozone generators. DEL's products and practices ensure that water is safe, clean, and sanitized through the effective removal of contaminants. We are dedicated to public safety, reducing chemical usage, and applying environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions to make our world a better place.
We proudly pioneered the ANSI/NSF Standard 50 listed ozone injection system, which is now the industry standard that all ozone generator manufacturers adhere to. Our innovative design of integrated, on-board oxygen concentrators, coupled with vacuum operation for safety and efficacy, set the standard for the industry. DEL also developed the first NSF-listed ozone systems for commercial pools in 1986, as well as being the first company to have a UL listed ozone system for pools and spas in 1984.

In business since 1975, DEL provides multiple water sanitizer solutions for various residential and commercial applications. We pride ourselves on superior engineering, customer service, marketing, operations, and manufacturing, which is complemented by our parent company, CMP

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Contact us to learn how our products can fulfill your water sanitizer needs, or to find a conveniently located dealer. Every DEL system is backed by the DELCHECK® program, and our personal commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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