Ozone Helps Provide Better Quality Fruits & Vegetables

Produce growers and packers are faced with multiple challenges, but most importantly providing safe high quality product to end-users while maintaining acceptable profit margins. Production of fruits and vegetables requires the use of fertilizers, pesticides, large scale cleaning and preparation, and some amount of storage and transport. This extended process exposes produce to a multitude of contaminants in addition to natural ripening and spoilage.

A DEL Ozone system is an excellent addition to standard processing protocol, and in some cases it can replace chemical or thermal processes. Ozone is a powerful sanitizer that can help extend shelf life while preserving the taste, texture, smell and color of fresh produce.

In addition to being utilized as an antimicrobial sanitizer directly on food products, ozone can be used as a surface sanitizer before, during or after production runs. When used during production, ozone will reduce the amount of clean-up time, shutdowns between production runs, as well as reduce the amount of downtime for cleaning and sanitizing.


  • Ozone kills all known human and food pathogens
  • Ozone removes field-applied chemical and
    pesticide treatments
  • Preserves freshness: taste, texture, color & smell
  • Reduces ripening (spoilage)
  • Extends shelf life
  • Reduces sanitation time
  • Aqueous or gaseous application
  • Gentle and safe for workers
  • FDA/USDA approved

Ozone Disinfection is Cost Effective and Safe

Ozone is applied to fruits and vegetables, either in an aqueous solution (ozone dissolved in water) or in gaseous form in cold storage. Ozone is a broad spectrum disinfectant and oxidizer, effectively killing all known human and food pathogens. It is an effective antimicrobial as well as being effective at removing field-applied chemicals and pesticides.

Ozone treatment allows longer process runs between cleanings. Ozone’s natural disinfection power is coupled with the fact that it leaves no residual byproducts, resulting in a more natural tasting product.

Ozone Applications to Fit the Need

Produce processing takes many forms. Ozone can be adapted to any existing aqueous or gaseous configuration with minimal retrofit of water and power. Aqueous ozone can be utilized through sprayers, showers, or cascades and can be plumbed into a flume. Gaseous ozone can be applied into any confined storage location.

Ozone is excellent for surface sanitation, including conveyors, equipment, food-contact surfaces and non-food contact surfaces; ozone can be used before, during or after production runs.