Ozone vs. the Alternative Water Sanitation Options

Water Droplet Ozone

Ozone has been used to sanitize water for over a century. It is a safe, simple, and naturally effective way to maintain clear and sanitary pool water without the odors and residues of chlorine, chemicals, and salt. Over DEL's 40+ year history, we have been proudly recognized as the industry leader in developing ozone technology for residential pool applications. DEL’s systems combine top sanitation power with operational dependability to deliver the healthy, clear water swimming pool owners and their families expect.

Corona Discharge Ozone Benefits

• Ozone neutralizes and destroys the widest possible range of contaminants, including microorganisms, pathogens (including cryptosporidium), human fluids, cosmetics and oils, metallic contaminants, and chloramines.
• Ozone does not have the noxious by-products that chlorine and salt do.
• DEL's ozone systems are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost effective.
• Ozone will not cause eye, skin, hair, or nail irritations.
• Ozone will not degrade swimwear as quickly as chemical or salt sanitizers will.
• The only by-product produced by ozone is oxygen.

• Ozone provides superior water clarity and does not give off unpleasant chemical odors.


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