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DEL Ozone proudly provides santiation systems capable of handling large scale commercial laundry operations for hotels, long-term care facilities, health clubs, and other high volume commercial laundry operations. Due to the energy efficiency factor of our units, along with the sanitizing power of cold water, electricity and hot water savings will be quickly realized with a DEL system.

Some of our most popular commercial ozone sanitation products and their designated applications are displayed below. Since the specific requirements of applications vary considerably, the list on this page is intended to introduce the product range. Many other ozone systems are available to match intended applications, so feel free to contact us and we'll work with you to find the system most fitting for your need.

Additionally, you may learn more about ozone and its application to laundry services by reviewing our Ozone Education page.



Platinum Ozone System

Platinum Brochure    
Platinum Installation Manual


Platinum P-100/200

The Platinum Plasma Discharge P-100 and P-200 systems provide optimal water quality and clarity for a wide range of water sanitation needs. Featuring cutting edge Plasma Block® technology, the Platinum systems are designed and engineered to provide the highest level of efficacy and efficiency.
Standard features:
  • Integrated DEL Ozone Safety Management System
  • Automated control system
  • Touch screen interface
  • Automated proportionally controlled ozone output
  • Plug and play oxygen system
  • Automated oxygen feed-gas monitoring
  • ORP monitor/controller
  • Remote monitoring/control
  • Data logging
  • Wall-mount ready
  • UL and NSF listed





Genesis Brochure    
Genesis Installation Manual


Genesis CD-2G/5G/7G

Fully integrated wall mount ozone systems designed for installation into new or pre-existing commercial operations without equipment modification. Systems generate 2 to 45 grams of ozone per hour with on-board oxygen concentrators, and all operate under vacuum for safety and include integrated DEL Ozone Safety Management System.
Standard features:
  • Integrated DEL Ozone Safety Management System
  • Oxygen gas flow meter
  • Automatic feed-gas flow control
  • Automated control contacts
  • Ozone generator isolation during shut-down
  • Powder coated 16 gauge steel enclosure designed to NEMA-3R specs
  • UL and NSF listed


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Our products also meet various regulatory requirements to ensure safe and healthy operations.