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Keep staff and pool visitors safe from harm by utilizing a fitting DEL Ozone sanitation system for your commercial pool application. All systems eliminate 99.99% of contaiminants, highly reduce chemical usage, eliminate skin and eye irriations, do not degrade swimwear, and provide peace of mind.

Some of our most popular commercial ozone sanitation products and their designated applications are displayed below. Since the specific requirements of applications vary considerably, the list on this page is intended to introduce the product range. Many other ozone systems are available to match intended applications, so feel free to contact us and we'll work with you to find the system most fitting for your need.



Platinum Ozone System

Platinum P-100/200 Brochure    
Platinum P-100/200 Installation Manual


Platinum P-100/200

The Platinum Plasma Discharge P-100 and P-200 systems provide optimal water quality and clarity for a wide range of water sanitation needs. Featuring cutting edge Plasma Block® technology, the Platinum systems are designed and engineered to provide the highest level of efficacy and efficiency.
Standard features:
  • Automated control system
  • Touch screen interface
  • Automated proportionally controlled ozone output
  • Plug and play oxygen system
  • Automated oxygen feed-gas monitoring
  • ORP monitor/controller
  • Remote monitoring/control
  • Data logging
  • Wall-mount ready
  • UL and NSF listed




Genesis Brochure    
Genesis Installation Manual


Genesis CD-2G/5G/7G

Fully integrated wall mount ozone systems designed for installation into new or pre-existing commercial operations without equipment modification. Systems generate 2 to 45 grams of ozone per hour with on-board oxygen concentrators, and all operate under vacuum for safety and include integrated DEL Ozone Safety Management System.
Standard features:
  • Oxygen gas flow meter
  • Automatic feed-gas flow control
  • Automated control contacts
  • Ozone generator isolation during shut-down
  • Powder coated 16 gauge steel enclosure designed to NEMA-3R specs
  • UL and NSF listed




• HECD Brochure         
• HECD Installation Manual



Floor-mounted HECD 65/130 provide 65 or 130 grams/hour of ozone using low-maintenance 1.6kHz cold cathode gas-filled corona discharge ozone cells.
Standard features:
  • Integrated DEL Ozone Safety Management System
  • PLC to monitor ozone generator, oxygen, temperature and other user-controlled variables
  • Digitally controlled variable output
  • Oxygen flow meter
  • Complete ozone isolation during shut-down
  • Automatic feed-gas flow control to maintain operational set points
  • Powder-coated steel enclosure designed to NEMA-3R specifications
  • Fault protection for door open, feed gas pressure failure, vacuum loss, overheating, water backflow, current overdraw, and over-pressurizing of oxygen concentrator
  • UL and NSF listed



Quantum Brochure        
Quantum Installation Manual


Quantum (CD-250/400/800/1200)

The Quantum series produces 250, 400, 800 and 1,200 grams/hour at 5-6% by weight. All systems operate under vacuum for safety, efficiency, and ease of operation. Quantum uses medium frequency, cold cathode, water-cooled vertical tube and shell glass tube dielectric ozone cells for consistent and reliable ozone production.
Standard features:
  • Variable ozone output control
  • Self-diagnostic switching
  • Integrated DEL Ozone Safety Management System
  • Digital controls with LCD user interface
  • PLC to monitor and control ozone generator
  • Complete ozone generator isolation during shut-down
  • Automatic feed-gas flow control
  • Dry contacts for remote ambient ozone monitor shut-down and user interlock; 4-20 mA
  • Powder-coated steel enclosure designed to NEMA-3R specs
  • Fault protection for door open; feed gas pressure failure, vacuum loss; overheating; water backflow, current overdraw, over pressurized oxygen concentrator
  • Modular assembly for ease of maintenance




CAS-200 Brochure       
CAS-200 Installation Manual



Systems offer maximum water flow rates of 200 GPM, and are available with single or dual zone capabilities. Advanced system controls automatically adjust water flow to any rate in range with corresponding automated proportionally controlled ozone dose. Utility features include Human Machine Interface (HMI) automated touch screen control panel, remote monitoring, and remote control of system.
Standard features:
  • Centralized Aqueous System
  • Pre-plumbed & Skid-mounted
  • Integrated Oxygen System
  • Automatic Variable Flow Rate
  • Automated Proportionally
  • Controlled Ozone Dose
  • HMI Touchscreen
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure


Platinum MAG Brochure       



Platinum Modified Atmosphere Systems (MAG) provide controlled gaseous ozone doses for antimicrobial fumigant in cold storage and Controlled Atmosphere (C.A.) facilities. Systems are low profile and wall-mounted; available for any sized room or container. All systems utilize high-efficiency UV absorption ozone gas monitor/controllers for no-drift accuracy (NIST traceable calibration) with automated proportionally controlled ozone dose.
Standard features:
  • Wall-mount Hardware
  • Integrated Oxygen System
  • Automated Control System
  • HMI Touchscreen
  • Automated Proportionally
  • Controlled Ozone Dose
  • Remote Monitoring and Control



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We know that there are other pool sanitation options on the market -  such as salt, chlorine, and biguanides - and have studied them profusely over our 40+ years. To learn how they compare to ozone, visit our alternative sanitizer page in our Education section.
Our products also meet various regulatory requirements to ensure people stay safe and healthy while they enjoy their pool.