Ozone Technology Assures Effective Sanitation

The chemical properties of ozone make it the most powerful natural sanitizer on earth for a broad array of applications. It not only assures effective sanitation where clean is critical, it does so safely and without creating hazardous or costly by-products. Using increasingly sophisticated technology, ozone has been used in both large and small sanitation applications for over a century.


DEL Ozone Innovation Creates Advanced Sanitation Systems

Ozone sanitation is delivered through DEL’s world-leading engineering and technology. DEL Ozone systems are engineered and tested in real operating environments to create the exact amount of ozone needed for a sanitation challenge, ranging from 2 grams/hour to 1,200 grams/hour.


Modern Ozone Synthesis Technologies

DEL Ozone utilizes Corona Discharge technology to generate ozone. We use a variety of corona discharge cells as the reaction chambers to enable this compound to be created.

Our reliable, cost-effective ozone generators are coupled with integrated oxygen concentrators and complete ozone management systems, which provide high concentrations of effectively applied ozone for demanding applications.


DEL Systems Meet or Exceed Safety and Operations Standards

Named in multiple ozone patents, DEL Ozone developed the first UL listed ozone systems for pools and spas and the first NSF listed ozone systems for commercial pools under NSF Standard 50, as well as the first NSF White Book listed food safety and sanitation systems with third-party validated antimicrobial efficacy under EPA sanctioned methodologies. 

Today, DEL ozone sanitation research is continuing to create the most cost effective ozone generation and delivery technology available.


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