Simple Pool Sanitation: DEL Ozone Generator and AOP Systems

Residential pool sanitation is simpler and more effective with a DEL pool ozone generator or Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) system. DEL pool sanitation helps pool owners get the safe, clean water they need to protect their families’ health with a lot less fuss than balancing water chemistry using chemicals alone.

Choosing a Pool Sanitation System

Visit DEL's residential pool website (opens in new window) for help choosing the right swimming pool ozone generator or AOP system. DEL makes models that fit all sizes of both inground and above ground pools, and the website includes guidelines to help you choose. If you are building an inground pool, make sure your builder or designer gets in touch with DEL to select the best option. DEL ozonators and AOP systems now have a unique capability to operate with energy-saving variable speed pumps, so your pool sanitation is working more of the time, even while you save money.

Ozone and AOP vs. the Alternative Sanitizers

In addition to the traditional chemical approach to pool sanitation, there are a number of alternative sanitizers that claim to provide effective sanitation. In fact, both ozone on its own, or combined with germicidal UV light in the Solar Eclipse AOP,  provide more effective broad spectrum pool water sanitation than alternatives, especially when used in combination with a light level of chlorine (see below). To see why salt chlorine, biguanides, and other “natural” pool sanitizers are not as effective, see DEL’s alternative sanitizer comparison pages.

Pool Water Chemistry Made Easy

With traditional chemical sanitation methods, pool owners are faced with a daunting challenge to learn how the primary sanitizer, balancers, sunlight, and various compensation additives combine to keep pool water clean. Their number one concern is safety, but it’s also important to enjoy the pool experience, so the chemical byproducts that make the water feel or smell harshly are also a problem.

With a properly sized DEL pool sanitation system, owners can find balanced water much more simply. DEL recommends running a well maintained DEL pool system at least 6 hours per day (the DEL system is installed on the water return line downstream of the pump) combined with maintaining a small amount (about 1 ppm) of free available chlorine (FAC) to provide a constant source of sanitation throughout the pool water. This combination will greatly simplify pool sanitation and gives fresh, soft feeling water.

DEL Ozone Sanitation Makes Life Simpler

DEL Ozone pool sanitation systems are designed for residential pool applications provide Natural Pool Sanitation for pools of all sizes. They make owners’ lives easier, and their pools more of a source of enjoyment.

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