Starting in January of 2017, we proudly began the DELCHECKTM program. This program warrants that all DEL Ozone products follow an established and consistent quality control program to ensure seamless operation and complete customer satisfaction. We follow these practices and apply these principles everyday as we continually innovate and improve as an organization.

When you're looking for a superior water sanitation product, always look for the DELCHECKTM stamp for your complete peace of mind.

Clean & Safe Water
DEL products destroy 99.99% of
contaminants to ensure water
safety and cleanliness.



Healthy People
Protecting public health is
our ultimate concern and top
priority at DEL.


Environment & Energy
Our products are energy
efficient and reduce
environmental impact.
Careful Engineering,
Assembly & Testing

From inception to production,
we perform continually rigorous quality control checks.


Customers Happy

We provide a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and happily troubleshoot and service all products.