DEL Ozone Sanitation Systems

Five years after its founding in 1975, DEL began shipping ozone systems for advanced sanitation solutions. Since then, it has accumulated an enviable track record of innovation and leadership in the industry, both as a technology leader and antimicrobial regulatory educator. DEL Ozone provides a critical service by offering affordable, safe, and sustainable solutions for effective sanitation systems.

Highlights in DEL’s Development of Ozone Sanitation

DEL’s leadership in applied ozone technology has been expressed in many ways. Here are a few milestones in this on-going story.
  • DEL Ozone pioneered the ANSI/NSF Standard 50 listed ozone injection system. This is now the industry standard that all ozone generator manufacturers adhere to. Our innovative design of integrated, on-board oxyen concentrators, coupled with vacuum operation for safety and efficacy, set the standard for the industry.
  • DEL Ozone generators can supply any amount of ozone from .3 grams per hour to 1200 grams per hour to match application demands, and most of these systems include sophisticated controls for ozone management.
  • DEL developed the first UL listed ozone systems for pools and spas in 1984.
  • DEL has supplied the vast majority of manufacturer-installed portable spa ozonators over the last decade.
  • DEL developed the first NSF-listed ozone systems for commercial pools in 1986.
  • DEL engineering developed the first commercially prominent corona discharge ozonator for spa applications, and on-going innovation in this space sees the third generation of this application introduced in late 2010 using a new technology for better performance at lower cost.
  • DEL Ozone has participated in the development of the emerging Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) of the Centers for Disease Control to create standards for improved sanitation safety and efficacy in commercial pools.
  • The MAHC draft protocols identify ozone as one of the approved options for secondary sanitation in public swimming venues.
  • DEL sponsors and/or participates in on-going research by qualified and accredited third-party organizations to identify and quantify ozone's antimicrobial efficacy in various applications including public safety and food safety.
  • A 2010/2011 study conducted by the Ohio State University, with co-funding by DEL and the USDA, is evaluating ozone performance in Clean-in-Place (CIP) beverage applications.

DEL Ozone Sanitation Systems Continue to Evolve

We continually design, develop, engineer, and introduce new products into various markets. Ozone sanitation systems are appropriate for a wide-range of applications, such as commercial and residential swimming facilities, drinking water purification, food processing, and industrial sanitation systems, so carving out products for each industry with proper 3rd party validations takes time and energy — time and energy that we at DEL believe is necessary, and very well spent in order to properly protect the environment and the public at large.