Dana Nelson | Director of Customer Service

If you’ve called into DEL Ozone, you’ve likely spoken to Dana Nelson. Dana has been with us since 1994, and is our Director of Customer Service. When he’s not providing expert advice and technical information, Dana enjoys spending time with his family, rooting on the Lakers, and cruising the Central Coast of California on his skateboard.

We asked Dana, what drives you?

Dana Nelson

"What drives me? Easy - customer experience.
I truly enjoy providing our customers with the best that DEL has to offer. There is such a vast array of different customer situations and needs out there. I really need to step into each customer's world and understand how to provide a solution that will enable the most optimal results.
Once I'm able to do this, I can help determine the best equipment configuration, walk them through the various aspects of an installation, and provide them with similar experiences that have worked well for other customers.
Personally, I gain great satisfaction by being their problem solver and helping them to enable maximum performance.